Floating Lint Filter
Floating Lint Filter
Floating Lint Filter

Floating Lint Filter

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Do you know lint is a fire hazard? When your clothes do not dry, it may be due to the excess lint which blocks your dryer vent – also a fire hazard. Lint may carry harmful bacteria and viruses too.

This Floating Lint Filter collects excessive lint in your washer. It works for pet fur too. Simply put it in the washing machine when you wash your clothes. Its floating net effectively collects lint and fur for further disposal. It does not wrap with other clothes. Keeps your clothes clean and tidy.


  • Simple to use – Put it in the washer for the wash and rinse cycles. It will do its job.
  • No extra power is needed – The floating net filters out excess lint and fur with the help of water currents in the washer.
  • After use, simply remove the lint / fur collected and the Catcher is ready for your next laundry.
  • Extends the life of your washer / dryer and reduces clogging.
  • To get the best results, recommend to use 2 or more Catchers for a load of laundry larger than 15 lbs or 7 kg.


  • Material: PP, Polyester
  • Floating Part Size: Around 3.1” or 8 cm (diameter) x 0.9” or 2.2 cm (height)
  • Filter Mesh Size: Around 3.8” or 9.6 cm (diameter) x 5.9” or 15 cm (length)
  • Suitable for: Top load washer


  • 1 x Floating Lint Filter