Universal Strap Wrench
Universal Strap Wrench
Universal Strap Wrench
Universal Strap Wrench

Universal Strap Wrench

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The adjustable strap wrench is a perfect all-purpose wrench. The strap can fit large or small objects in different shape. It does not damage or scratches the surfaces of the object when used. It is ideal for use around the home, car and workplace.

The wrench can be used on plastic or PVC plumbing / fitting, used to remove oil filters from cars and in the kitchen to open tight lids on jars and bottles


  • Multiple Purposes - Jar openers, bottles, automobiles, tractors, oil filters, glue joints, shower heads, fuel filters, PVC junctions, faucets, water filters, sinks, taps and many more objects
  • The wrench is adjustable up to 6” or 150mm in diameter
  • Perfect for arthritic hands, weak wrists, plumbers, mechanics, craftsman and more
  • Lightweight and portable – Can be stored easily in the kitchen, car, workshop or garage


  1. Simply choose which size strap to use and thread the open end through the slot in the top of the handle.
  2. Then adjust it to the correct size, pop it on to the piece that needs loosening or tightening and pull it tight to grip.
  3. Then just use the handle to pull in the appropriate direction.

The wrench is made from rubber. As with any rubber if left in dry heat, direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for an extended period, it will go brittle and may break easily.


  • Material: Rubber and plastic
  • Size: about 8.3” or 21 cm long
  • Length of strap: around 19.7” or 500 mm


  • 1 x Universal Strap Wrench